Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cafe Bavaria

On our one cold day at Victor Harbour, we rugged up in the few winter goodies we packed and braved the wind for caffeine - we always want caffeine, rain or shine! This time it was from Cafe Bavaria, a cosy looking place just off the main street. They specialised in some sort of savoury snack consisting of German sausage but we wern't that brave - we just stuck with some sweets!

Kate ordered an iced coffee and strawberry tart - yum!

Lianna also ordered an iced coffee but with a lemon tart - and how cute is that little scrawl of 'lemon' in icing!

Kate wears: White top and orange pants from Sportsgirl, faux fur vest from Dotti, necklace from Diva, bag from strandbags and thrifted brown leather moccassins

Lianna wears: Alexander McQueen t-shirt from Globalize,velvet skirt from American Apparel, coat with faux fur trim from General Pants, shoes and umbrella from Sportsgirl and jewellery by Karen Walker

xoxoxo Lianna & Kate

The Coffee Palace

We spent this weekend at Victor Harbour, which, apart from one day, blessed us with beautiful weather!

On the Saturday, we got our caffene hit from The Coffee Palace on Ocean Street.Lianna got a choc chip cookie and a latte and Kate got a Melting Moment and a chai latte. There's no such thing as too many lattes!

Lianna wears: Skull t-shirt from Tree of Life, grey maxi and platform sandals from Sportsgirl, bag from Colette and DIY head jewellery

Kate wears: Nude turtleneck midriff from American Apparel, pink maxi from General Pants, cuff from Tree of Life and bag from Strandbags

xoxoxo Lianna & Kate

Meet Hollie!

Hollie is Lianna's adorable 12 year old pug! She may be a senior, but she still loves taking a walk along the beach on windy days! (Even if we have to carry her every now and then)

We took her for a stroll down a very wild Encounter Bay - winter is definitely almost on our doorstep! There were quite a few wild chases after Lianna's hat!

Kate wears: White cable knit jumper from Dotti, pink chinos from General Pants, brown sandals from Rubi Shoes, necklace from Diva and skull tote bag from Sportsgirl

Lianna wears: Grey knit, black maxi and necklace from Sportsgirl, boots by Tony Bianco and hat from Dangerfield

xoxoxo Lianna & Kate

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kate's Room

 So I spend way too much time and money on decorating my bedroom - it's so hard keeping it from looking cluttered because I have sooo many trinkets and things! I actually keep the bits and bobs I can't fit in a drawer and mix things around every now and then - a great way to procastinate!
As you can see I have a mild obsession with teapots (24 in my collection so far), elephants, tealight candles and coffee table books. I'm so excited to move out so I can spread my stuff out and buy more, more, MORE!

xoxoxo Kate

Friday, 16 March 2012

Burnside Vintage Fashion Fair

Lianna spotted an advertisement in the paper for a vintage fashion fair a couple of days ago so we decided to check it out! It was in the old ballroom of Burnside, an amazing building with the highest ceilings ever! It was filled with the most incredible clothes ranging from the 30's - 80's. It's understatement that we were in heaven!

Lianna wears: White shirt from General Pants Co., orange skirt from Sportsgirl, bag from Colette, nude wedges from Betts and rings are vintage.

Kate wears: White top and feather necklace from Miss Shop, faux leather pants and vintage bag from Sportsgirl and shoes by London Rebel.

xoxoxo Lianna & Kate